The PROS Board of Directors are a board of three long standing PROS Members. The PROS Board of Directors have many responsibilities. One responsibility is to set and monitor the governing and executable policies of the PROS group. Another responsibility is to guide the leadership team in their roles to maintain order and progression of the PROS group. The Board of Directors also deal with the overall legal, financial, and public status of the PROS group.

Lindsey Hanna - President

Lindsey Hanna



Matt DeWild

Vice President

Aimee Padgett


Chad Ulrich


The PROS Leadership team is composed of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary that govern and give support to the PROS Group on a daily basis. The term for each of the Leadership roles is for one six month period. The Leadership team is picked by the PROS Board of Directors.

The President’s responsibility is to run the weekly meeting in an efficient manner and give support to their fellow PROS Leadership Team members.

The Vice President’s responsibility is to track and tally the referrals given by group members and to monitor attendance of the PROS group.

The Treasurer’s responsibility is to collect new member fees and member dues, as well as report to the PROS Board of Directors on the day to day financial status of the PROS Group.

The Secretary’s responsibilities are to take and report meeting minutes, schedule and announce featured speakers, and take lead on the social functions of the group.